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New CD: Akordioniklubi – Mentoniere*

New CD: Akordioniklubi – Mentoniere*

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It’s a great pleasure to announce that Akordioniklubi has released a new CD, which is full of brilliant  accordion music!

Akordioniklubi – Mentoniere*

The name of the album – Mentoniere – means chin switch in Italian, which should be familiar to every experienced accordionist. Switches are used to change the sound of the accordion. Usually it is done using your fingers, but professional instruments have chin switches to change the sound using your chin while playing a faster piece. On the album you will hear the music of four Estonian accordionists, each with a distinctive style – Jaak Lutsoja, Maimu Jõgeda, Kulno Malva and Erik Nisu. They all share an idea that the accordion is not only an instrument, but more of a means of expression suitable for playing any style of music. Akordioniklubi’s first album contains music ideally suitable for listening at home as well as in a cafe. Three words to describe the album are professional, tasteful and diverse. Akordioniklubi’s purpose is to introduce modern Estonian accordion music. In addition to that, most of the pieces’ note sheets are available on the Akordiklubi homepage, where it is possible to listen to the music or even play along. We hope that accordion music will offer you a pleasant companion for every occasion! 

Price: 11 EUR / pcs (free delivery in Estonia)

Price: 24 EUR / 3 pcs (free delivery in Estonia)


Info: info@akordioniklubi.ee / GSM: +372 5818 2815 (Erik Nisu)

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Listen from SoundCloud:

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Design: Maris Nisu

Photo: Kaisa Sakarias

Mastering: Silver Lepaste (www.clockwork.ee)